We provide second-to-none law consultation on Criminal Defense:

White-Collar Criminal Defense

The Cogdell Law Firm is widely known for its success in handling white collar criminal defense cases. The term “white collar crime” can encompass a wide variety of different charges.

Federal Criminal Defense

It is understandably critically important to obtain the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer at the earliest practical opportunity. Mr. Cogdell and his firm offer you over three decades of experience in dealing with and successfully defending cases.

State Criminal Defense

Regardless of whether the case is a murder charge or a misdemeanor drug charge, it is important to act quickly and have an attorney fighting for you that knows the procedure, knows the law, and knows what needs to be done. Lawyers at the Cogdell Law Firm have successfully represented individuals in almost every situation imaginable.

DWI Defense

At the Cogdell Law Firm we have successfully represented hundreds of citizens accused of DWI in counties across Texas. In a field where being up-to-date on the current technology is vital, we bring a combination of proven experience and innovative defense techniques to best represent our clients. Whether yours is a breath test case, a blood-draw case, a DRE (Drug Recognition Evaluation) case, the trial lawyers at the Cogdell Law Firm have the experience and the knowledge needed to fight your DWI. We have been aggressively defending citizens accused of DWI for more than 30 years.

Criminal Appeals

A conviction or harsh sentence does not mean the fight is over. The United States Constitution guarantees the right to an appeal, which involves asking a higher court to review the lower court’s conviction. An appeal can lead to reversal of a conviction for any number or reasons. The trial court may have committed a legal error that impacted the result of the trial, the prosecution may have failed to bring sufficient evidence to legally support a conviction, or your prior lawyers may have made a mistake that denied you a fair trial.

Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is a white collar criminal offense that is perpetrated against a financial institution. It typically involves an individual or entity using fraudulent means to obtain funds or assets held by a bank. However, it can also occur when a financial institution makes misrepresentations in order to appear financially stable in order to persuade third parties to invest or deposit funds.

Health Care Fraud

The mere existence of a Health Care Fraud investigation, much less a formal charge or accusation, may cause havoc for a physician, health care provider, hospital or clinic or even an entire hospital. Increasingly, federal and state “Health Care Task Forces” are targeting individuals and corporations affiliated with providing health care services. Those prosecutors are highly motivated to seek charges and are many times “led” by investigators with no real world experience in providing care or treating patients.

Mortgage Fraud

Whether you are the borrower or the lender, if you are facing allegations of mortgage fraud it is imperative that you seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Mortgage fraud cases can be very complex and require a lawyer who is seasoned in dealing with federal prosecutors.

Mail Fraud

Mail fraud and wire fraud charges are often brought together and, typically, are add-on charges used to increase the potential punishment. Many times mail fraud and wire fraud indictments are pursued when the prosecutors do not have sufficient evidence to make other charges stick. That being said, these cases still must be taken seriously.

Securities Fraud

Increasingly, Federal Prosecutors are charging corporate executives, business executives, financial traders and investment houses with securities fraud.

Wire Fraud

When proving charges of mail or wire fraud, the government is required to prove the defendant used deception with the intent to defraud the victim. It is important to understand that you do not have to wire or mail fraudulent information to be charged. If your scheme results in alleged victims mailing or wiring funds, you can be charged.